The Basics


What Is Full Focus Counseling?

Full Focus Counseling is more than just the name of my practice, it describes how I work, think, and approach the process of therapy. I can assure you that I will listen carefully with an open-mind and that I will be diligent in helping you work through life’s challenges. For additional information about how I address specific therapeutic topics, I encourage you to click the “My Approach” and “Blog” tabs in the menu above.

How Can I Help You?

I provide professional counseling services to adults, adolescents, and couples. As a licensed counselor/psychotherapist, my job is to help clients function better so that they can ultimately feel better. This means that I will develop an individualized treatment model that addresses your unique needs and challenges. So, let’s get to work and begin charting a path towards greater wellbeing and fulfillment.

Schedule An Appointment?

Hours: 9am-8pm (Mon-Fri); 10am-3pm (Sat)
Per Session Rate (50 Minutes): $80.00
Call or Text: (816) 800-2538
Address: 9233 Ward Parkway, #305, KCMO 64114
Please Note: I am an out-of-network provider, which means you will have to contact your insurance company to see if you are eligible for financial reimbursement.

Can’t afford the standard rate?
No problem. Money should not be an impediment to receiving mental health services. If you cannot afford the standard per session price, please send an email to outlining your situation. As long as I am able to take new clients, I am willing to negotiate a price that makes sense for you. Most importantly, I want to work with clients that are committed to the therapeutic process regardless of how much they can pay.