A Poem I Wrote

Backstory: I have pages of writing– most of which I am unlikely to show anyone. I suppose that’s called journaling, and I’d highly recommend it. Well as I was reading through my old stuff (it’s really fascinating to track your ideas over time), I stumbled across a poem I wrote about a tree in my parent’s backyard that was hit by a microburst. Even though this happened when I was in high school, the image of this tree, of all things, carved out it’s own unique place in my memory. So years later, in the fall of 2013 to be exact, I felt the urge to write a poem for a little personal inspiration. Anyway, I thought it might be worth digging out of the archives (admittedly, with a few revisions) and sharing with others. So, here it goes. Enjoy.

The tree withstood the storm

yet appearance indicated otherwise

severed across the center

half of what it used to be

deep beneath the dirt

beyond the surface of the earth

its roots remained wise

relentlessly pumping nutrients

without purpose 

or reason 

or any foreseeable direction 

life would not be deterred

indeed the tree was broken

but it was also strong 

the process

like a sloth

possessed the illusion of stillness




would pass

patience steady 

its beauty need not return 

for it was already there 

the force of renewal 



and leaves

tested by a tempest

with an instinct to endure

the why lives in silence

just ask the tree

the tree that withstood the storm.

One Comment on “A Poem I Wrote

  1. This is impressive. Thanks for sharing. Cal Karlin ________________________________


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