Not Sure Where To Begin

Well, I have decided to do this blog thing. Let’s see where it goes. The goal here is to offer ideas on counseling, mental health, philosophy, wellness… those kinds of things.

The title of this entry doesn’t just reflect that this is my first post. It also is a reflection of how many human projects start in general. This project is no exception. Very rarely are people sure where to begin, which isn’t a bad place to be. I think it’s more important to just begin. Do something. Take a step.

Once a step is taken, you have more information. Usually it’s like, “oh boy, I’m outside of my comfort zone!” That’s good, though. You’ve started. Phase one of discomfort, out of the way. Now you’re a little bit smarter. This isn’t to say that phase two is all of a sudden going to be a breeze. It’s most-likely going to be a struggle too. But hey, at least you’re off and running.

This blog is now off and running. Phase one complete. I’m looking forward to phase two, whatever that may be.

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