Full Focus Counseling


“Do your best.” We’ve all heard this message in some form or another. Seemingly cliche, but it’s also super meaningful if you think about it. Of course, we should not take “do your best” literally. That’s only possible a small percentage of the time. The law of averages says that we are statistically most likely to do our average. For me, the real meaning is to give reasonable, consistent effort. Try to… Read More

Depression sucks. Some people are more vocal about what they are going through, while others suffer in silence. There is risk to keeping quiet because there’s not much worse than suffering alone. But at the same time, there is also risk in speaking up because you might feel like people are mistaking your depression for weak-mindedness. So what the hell is a depressed person to do? Just take it out on someone?… Read More

Well, I have decided to do this blog thing. Let’s see where it goes. The goal here is to offer ideas on counseling, mental health, philosophy, wellness… those kinds of things. The title of this entry doesn’t just reflect that this is my first post. It also is a reflection of how many human projects start in general. This project is no exception. Very rarely are people sure where to begin, which… Read More