Thinking through covid

As concerns grow regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve identified some patterns of thought among my clients as they try to sort out what’s going on in the world. This post is intended to capture some of this thinking, along with observations from social media, conversations with friends and family, and some thoughts of my own on the topic. Enjoy!

The struggle with uncertainty.

What’s going to happen next? An ever-present, always-relevant question.

Sometimes we KNOW. Sometimes we Know. Sometimes we know. But usually, we don’t.

The bigger picture is still intact. But is it really? Probably. But no absolute guarantees. There are not many of those.

I still believe in the big picture, though. History backs me up. Of course we will get through this. Of course? Yeah, of course.

So much time in the house. How am I going to maintain outside relationships? Technology–that thing I’m so critical of, yet so useful. So useful. Thank you technology. Whew.

Food? We should be alright. The stores haven’t ran out… yet. Wait, yet? Could that happen? Highly unlikely, so I’ll just call it good on that one.

I don’t get this whole toilet paper thing, and I don’t know anyone who does. Which makes me wonder, who the hell is buying all the toilet paper?

People are sick. And dying. People still need to make money. What about the economy? The disease? The cure? Eh, not sure if I can sort it all out right now. Let the professionals do their work.

I hate Covid, but what a teacher. Learning so much, especially how to slow down. The realization that I’m in an arranged marriage with productivity. Maybe I won’t renew my vows.

Perhaps this didn’t happen to us. Perhaps it happened for us. Who was it that told me that? I can’t recall, but it’s an interesting point. Remember that. And to wash my hands. Happy birthday twice, got it.

Stay curious. Connect with the moment. Plan when necessary. Pay attention (but don’t overdo it). Do my part. Stay at home. Survive.

And yes, peace is still possible. I can handle this.

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