Questions to ask ourselves

So many questions. So few answers. The theme of the day.

It helps to ask ourselves meaningful questions that we can actually answer, though. It can give us a sense of direction and reduce our anxiety, which is such a wonderful thing, especially in times like this. So let’s do some pondering.

Before we start, I ask that you read each question slowly. Take your time. This is less like high intensity interval training and more like yoga. Hold each question in awareness.  

What is it that you want? What is important to you? Is it different now compared to just a month ago?

Obviously, the world has changed. But have you changed too? How so?

What’s one thing you can do to get closer to what you value most? Make a phone call? Be more patient with your spouse, children, or roommate? Adjust the blinds to let some light in? What about reading a good book? Pray, meditate, take a walk? I don’t know, just some ideas.

Do you really see yourself as a part of nature? Or separate from nature? Is this a practical question? Or is it just hippy talk?

How are your family and friends doing? Are they well? You sure?

To parents, do you ever take a moment and pat yourself on the back? Do you give yourself the permission to be imperfect?

To kids, what is it like not being able to play with your friends or go to school? That has to be tough. But hey, have you gone outside recently? The weather is starting to get nice again.

To couples, so you’re spending A LOT of time together, right? Have you learned something new about each other? How are you satisfying your need for “me time?”

To those who live alone, how are you using all this extra time at home? Any new hobbies? How are you maintaining relationships?

To all, who do you want to be when this is over?

If we use this time to get a little bit better, we’ll look back on it with a sense of pride. If we don’t, we’ll kick ourselves. We have a choice. What will you decide?

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